Coleraine Boiler Services

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Coleraine Boiler Services is OFTEC registered (C8042) which means that you receive the quality and service you expect. For further information please visit the official OFTEC website at


We provide a complete service from removing old boilers to repairs and installations of new boilers.

Our Complete Service Includes:

  • Clean and inspect the boiler and combustion chamber
  • Replace the fuel atomizing nozzle
  • Check and adjust oil pump pressure and air setting
  • Perform a flue gas analysis test to optimize the boiler efficiency
  • Advise of any work necessary in the near future
  • Combustion report giving the customer an indication of the boiler efficiency
  • Provide a receipt detailing work done and a boiler efficiency readout. 

At Coleraine Boiler Services we offer a complete professional service. Our team are friendly and efficient offering service to the highest standard.

Our Staff offer:

  • Professional Service
  • Reliable Assistance
  • Trained by professional body - CITB.
  • 24hr service
  • Emergency call out
  • Quality workmanship.
  • Free Estimate